How to Hook Your Laptop to Roku

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Hooking your laptop to Roku allows you to play content from your computer on your television set. Hook your laptop up to a Roku box with help from a software engineer with broad and extensive experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mathew Pierce, I'm a software engineer, and today I'm going to show you how to hook your laptop up to Roku. Now, you can't directly hook your laptop up to your Roku box, it's not the way the Roku box works. It is a network connect device that takes content from the network and displays it onto your TV. It doesn't have a port where you can plug your laptop in. So, you can't do that, you can't directly play you know, stuff from your laptop in your Roku, into your TV. And you can't hook-up the Roku into your laptop, unless you have some sort of an input port on your laptop, that'll accept the HDMI or composite, or excuse me, component video output that Roku provides. But there is good news, there is a free application out there called Plex. Which allows you to use your laptop as a media server, to serve up content from it, onto, into your Roku box and onto your TV. Now, Plex is freely available. What you want to do is, you want to go to this website right here, You can download server for Mac or Windows or Linux, you can download and install it. You may need some help, they have a really good Help page here, on getting started, how to configure Plex server. And it's kind of particular how you configure it, you have to have your directory path just right, write it in correctly. For the Plex application to be able to find your media. But once you get that setup, you'll want to go to your Roku box, Roku account and sign in. Because what you're going to do with your Roku box, is you're going to subscribe to the Plex channel. And you can't do that until you log-in and add the Plex channel to your account. And that's very easy to do, you just go in there, add it. And then, when you' get done with that, you can go over to your TV, turn it on, turn on your Roku box. And you can go to the channel store and Plex should show up, and it's a free channel, subscribe to it. And now, you have the client side hooked up, so that your laptop will be the server and it'll use your in-house network. And that's another requirement, you have to have a network connection that goes between your Roku and your laptop, via probably, like a wireless network, or a home, in-home network. And once you do that, your laptop will be hooked into your Roku box, using the Plex media server and Roku, your Roku box will be a Plex media client. That'll be able to display content and you'll be able to show movies and pictures and all sorts of other media that you have on there. And again, if you need help, just go to this Help Page, they have a lot of good information there, that'll help you get setup. My name is Mathew Pierce. Today, we talked about how to hook your laptop up to Roku box, thanks for watching.


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