How to Make a Block Letter Outline Page

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Making a block letter outline page is a lot more straightforward of a process than you might think. Make a block letter outline page with help from a graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, this Gene. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, been working in the industry for about 15 years, and today we're gonna take a look at a little bit more typography. I'm gonna show you how to make a block letter outline page. Alright, so to give your page a block letter outline, a nice little border, first thing you're gonna wanna do is sort of decide where your edges are. Decide how far into the page you want to come. So, even though this is a really dark pencil, it's dark just so you can see it on camera, I'm just gonna start out with a couple of quick little lines here, just an indication of where I want my edges to be. And, then you're going to probably want to give yourself some regular intervals. One thing about letters is that they're evenly spaced when you see them from a type writer or computer, so people are used to seeing everything evenly spaced, and you're gonna wanna just give yourself a few guidelines. It's no, I'm not gonna put every single letter in exactly these spaces, because we have like an M, an M is a wider letter, right? And an I is a thinner letter. So, they're not gonna occupy these spaces exactly. But, we can take some liberties with block letters. So, just give yourself some quick guidelines. And then for this, I don't know, let's write my name here. So I'm gonna come in here and just using these as guidelines, I'm gonna use fairly straight block letters. These are the kinds of things you might see on, I don't know, like a high school jersey or something. And, so we're gonna, we're gonna bevel the edges. And I'm gonna just but the letters right up against each other here. And then it's really easy to know where my edge bevels are coming from at that point. And as you can see here, I'm about to do the front of the E, and I don't want it to go all the way to this guideline here, but I do want it to all be even. And I also want it to be even on top and bottom, so I'm giving myself a couple more guidelines. And usually I'd use a ruler for this, but I'm just kind of free-handing right now. And I'm gonna go ahead and just darken the lines. And the center of the E we'll bring in a little bit, just to give it a little character. And there you go. I gave myself another guideline here. That's pretty much all there is to it. Make sure that you're using guidelines, otherwise things are gonna get to be sort of all over the place. So there you go. That's part of my name Gen, but my name's actually Gene, and I'm leaving off the other E. But, take that and whatever your saying is, or if you're gonna do a name, you can do it a couple of different times around the page. Just make sure you use guidelines. I would say, probably use a ruler, and the you can color them in. You can do whatever you want. And then you have a nice little border around your main image. Alright so, quick, easy, little block letter outline page. And if you have any questions, let us know, and we'll see you next time.


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