How to Make Vines on Letters

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Making vines on letters is really easy and only requires a few moments of your time. Make vines on letters with help from a graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, this is Gene. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I've been working in the industry for about 15 years and today we're going to take a look at some lettering ideas and we're going to draw some vines on some letter so this should be pretty cool. Let's go get started. Alright, so vines on text is really easy, are really easy. I'm just going to do this in green so that you know they are vines and in fact, I'm probably going to get really advanced on you here and just use two shades of green. So the first thing I'm going to do is just start making a bunch of squiggly lines on this text because vines if you've ever seen vines, you know, growing up a wall or anything, there's really no rhyme or reason so just start making a bunch of crazy lines and make sure that some of your lines come out of each other so you don't have ever single line start off the edge of the text. It's okay to have a few of them but make sure that you have lines coming out of the other lines and tinier lines coming out of those because vines are pretty crazy and they grow up things and you know, they just, they grow every which way. So this is one quick easy way to make some vines on text and then to make them look a little more like vines, I'm just going to take the darker green here and sprout out a couple like tiny little lines like this, okay. So maybe these are parts of the vine that haven't grown all the way to the edge of the text yet and so I'm just going to sprout out a couple of little tinier lines and I'm just using a different color to sort of make it stand out a little more for you and then, you know, a couple of them you can just add a tiny little leaf here and there because these are our plants after all so you just throw in a little leaf, you know, not in every single one of them because some of these are growing. So maybe a couple of these little tinier ones just to indicate an even smaller branch branching off. You just want to indicate growth. Vines are just constantly growing. So there you have it, that is basically all there is to it, a couple of leaves. You can even have some kind of growing off the top because remember, if you've ever seen plants growing in the wild, like think of your grass, think of the last time you mowed the line and then what would happen if you stopped mowing the lawn for like two years, what would your lawn look like and just kind of imagine that and there you go. That's basically all there is to it, just drawing some lines on top of some text, giving them some leaves and suddenly you've got vines. Alright so if you have have to draw like some jungle font, you know that's one easy way to do it, something with some overgrowth if you are doing a job for like a nursery or something, a flower shop, you know drawing a couple of vines on the letters might make it look a little bit unique. So hope you had a lot of fun and if you have any questions, let us know. We'll see you next time.


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