Teddy Bear Art Projects for a Nursery

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Teddy bear art projects can make a great addition to any nursery. Learn about teddy bear art projects for nurseries with help from a graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. My name is Gene, and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. Been working in this industry for about 15 years and the project that we are going to be looking at today is we're going to be doing some teddy bear art that will help you decorate a nursery for your child. So let's just jump right in to this one. Should be a lot of fun. So the easiest thing that we can do teddy bear art wise for the nursery is find stencil on line or find a picture of a teddy bear and just maybe trace it. I just did this free hand in like, I don't know, maybe 30 seconds. Just wanted to get a quick teddy bear here for you. But find a teddy bear imagine on line that you like. And one of the things that you want to make sure is that like this one, there's a lot of simple internal shapes that don't touch the outside. What do I mean by that? This particular teddy bear has ,what is it, seven circles around the outside. And then you go the eyes and the nose that are just very simple shapes that we can cut out. This right here is one of the shapes I'm talking about. This circle, his belly circle here. Okay? We got the circles here on his arms and legs that signify basically the pads on his hands and feet. We have his ears and we have his eyes. And what you're going to want to do is very meticulously each of these places that I'm darkening here, cut each one of these out. Now you don't have to be too exact. For instance, you can just take your scissors and cut right down the center there and you know, cut to the outside and do the old school, you know, cutting the circle that way. But you want to make sure that these edges are nice and crisp because here's what we're gong to do. We going to take this teddy bear and the reason you don't want to touch the outside is because it's going to be a stencil. So we want to cut the teddy bear out of the orginal paper. So here we cut the teddy bear out. I've done this already and we're gong to use this part and we're going to just put the paper against the wall on your nursery. Tape it down and spray paint, you know, like a solid brown teddy bear color. And thesecond thing we're going to do is once we have that, we're going to put our other template over top of that teddy bear but this time we're going to remove all the pads from the hands and feet. We're going to remove the belly. So that you can see here it shows through. And then, you're going to mask off the rest of this and just you can go in with a paint brush so it's really quick or you can go in with a sprayer or you can go in with a sponge and just paint inside this area here. Now what that will do is once you have your original brown teddy bear shape, paint inside here for the pads with a lighter color. Inside here. And then maybe a blue or something here. You can even cut out the nose and cut a little slit for the mouth or you can go back later with a very thin paint brush and some black and just paint in the nose and line the mouth. Now this is going to be something that will be really, really fast to do for you and you can probably have an entire nursery, maybe you know, a couple teddy bear stensils around the outside top edge of the walls on your nursery. You can probably do this in about 2 hours once you have your stensil. The only thing that I recommend is you be very careful and maybe not use spray paint if you're doing the interior pads here because it's going to spary over the side and that's going to look a little weird. Just take a brush and whoosh, whoosh, whoosh couple quick strokes just right over the top and you'll have the pads and you'll have a nice little teddy bear right along the outside of your toddlers bedroom. So there you have it. You should be able to make that stensil in just a few minutes and then, you know, make a good line around the top wall of your nursery or any other kind of a pattern you can think of. And something real quick and easy. Thanks for watching.


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