Hollywood Undead Mask Ideas

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You can make a variety of different Hollywood undead masks right at home using the proper tools and equipment. Get Hollywood undead mask ideas with help from a graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, this is Gene. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator for a little over 15 years, and today we're gonna be taking a look at a couple of Hollywood Undead style mask ideas. Alright, so to me, the most interesting of the Hollywood Undead masks, and if you've ever seen them, they each have a couple of different masks for the various videos and such, but one of the most interesting masks, and we're just gonna sketch it out on this paper, is the one that's basically, on one side it's smiling, and on the other side it's frowning. So we're just gonna sketch a basic face shape, that you might be using in a mask. Do a quick line across for the eyes. Now, I'm also going to do a quick mouth line here, because one of the important parts of this particular mask is that it's got a borderline down the center, and on the right side of this mask, the mouth connects the smile to the left handed frowning area. So we'll just draw a quick little smiling mouth and the other side is frowning. Makes kind of a, I don't know, like a little parallelogram kind of shape. So from there, we've got our mouth roughly, and we'll just do a quick nose line there. If you're going to be wearing this mask, make sure that you measure your eyes so you know about how far apart they're gonna be so you can see out of the mask. Now in this case, the mask is a little smaller than my head, so I'm just doing this for demonstration purposes. And I know that I want my eyes about this far apart, and as I said, the one side, we're smiling we're happy, so we have to make sure that the eye is smiling and happy as well. So just go in and draw your basic eye shape. And then draw the eyebrows, nice happy eyebrow. He's like, hey, look at me! I'm a nice smiling happy eyebrow! We've got the cheek line here, you know when you smile you'll have a little bit of a cheek line. And the nose is gonna be roughly the same for both sides. And then we're gonna switch to the other eye. And on the actual mask, the eye droops a little bit on the outside. So we'll just make it a little bit authentic to the actual mask. And then we're gonna take this eyebrow and we're just gonna aim it down a little bit. So we got the angry frowny face right here on this side, and I'm just gonna fill this so you can see it, but you might actually cut this out. And then I'll finish the smiley face shading over here. So the, anyway. Once you have your basic mask features drawn out, and I'm just gonna shade these eyes in real quick. You're gonna wanna grab a pair of scissors, and the paper that we're using here is tear-away paper, so I'm just gonna tear that out real quick. And then just go in and cut along your mask outline. Obviously if you wanted to get more involved, you could get a bunch of clay and you can sculpt a pretty cool mask. But I'm just showing you how to do one here really quickly. Just making it out of paper. Okay, so there you go. And get yourself a little bit of ribbon. In this case we got some red ribbon here. And there's tape sticking to everything in sight. And again, you're gonna wanna put this probably around your head, so you can get an accurate measurement, an idea of how much ribbon you're actually gonna need. You can alternately just take a length of ribbon, and staple it to either side and tie it in the back. So for now we're gonna take this a little bit above the cheek line so that it goes right above your ears, so that will be just below your eyes there. Okay, we're just gonna grab the staple here. And entirely miss the ribbon. Alright, so I'm just gonna pull the staple out and try this again real quick. You probably don't want to let the kids do this part. Alright, there you go. So you get that on the one side, and then we're just gonna go and staple this on the other side as well. There we go. And for this example, I'm just gonna cut this out in the center here, and if you've used a long enough piece of ribbon, you can do this. And then you can take this and put this around the back of your head and just tie yourself a little knot, and there you go. You've got your own little Hollywood Undead mask. Alright, so there you have it. There is a couple of mask ideas that you can make quickly and easily at home. See you next time.


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