How to Choose the Right Digital SLR Lenses

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Choosing the right digital SLR lenses always requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Choose the right digital SLR lenses with help from a filmmaker and freelance editor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys. I'm Justin Z. I am a Los Angeles filmmaker and a freelance editor for the entertainment industry. I've been getting some basic questions about filmmaking including this one different lenses that you can choose for your DSLR camera. Basically what I recommend is you get a variety of different lenses for a variety of purposes. If you're shooting photography, then a zoom lens is definitely necessary. Usually most cameras come with a kit lens like this one that zooms out to different focal lengths. Generally these are not that great so what you want to do is buy a much better zoom lens. Now lenses are expensive so keep that in mind. We'll get to that later. The other thing that you want to have is multiple different types of prime lenses. This lens does not zoom in or out to the subject, it stays at a fixed focal length. But it creates an extremely sharp image and has a lot of options for light. Now when it comes to prime lenses you're going to want a variety. The first and foremost one I recommend and this is just my personal taste is a 50 millimeter lens, 50, 50 millimeter. They come in different types, different focal lengths. This is a 1.8 stop lens. That means it gets a lot of light but there are more expensive lenses that can get more light, have better glass and use better materials. This is made out of plastic. Good lenses are made out of metal. You can also get different lenses of different focal lengths, for example, a 35 millimeter is a photography favorite. You can get an 80 millimeter, a 75 millimeter, even a telephoto, 200 millimeter but generally once you get to longer lengths you're going to want a zoom lens anyways. So generally you want a few different prime lenses as well as a really quality zoom lens. Don't use your kit lens. That is a good starting point but you're going to get something much higher quality if you want to shoot really high quality video or photo. So that's all there is to it when it comes to finding the right lens for your camera. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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