How to Make a Video With Multiple Shoots

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Making a video with multiple shoots always requires a great deal of planning and preparation. Make a video with multiple shoots with help from a filmmaking professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Zach, and today I'm going to teach you how to do multi-cut editing in Final Cut Pro. First, you're going to start off by selecting two clips of different angles. You're going to select the common endpoints of these two clips like a clap slate. Next, you're going to select both of the clips, right click and go down to make multi clip. This window is going to pop up and up in the top it's going to say synchronize using in points, out points or time code. You're going to want to select in points and select okay. A clip is going to be made here and you're going to double click and open it. Next you're going to select one of the clips, hit option and drag it down to your timeline. Go to the beginning of your timeline next. You're going to hit play in your timeline and then you're going to go up here and open your sync. Now you can hit play in your timeline again and you'll see that your clips are moving around up here. Now to go through the two clips, all you have to do is click them once they're playing down in your timeline. Now if you see down on my timeline, there are multiple clips as if you just inserted them. Make sure when you're done going through all of your clips, you select everything on your timeline, go up to modify and select collapse multi clips. My name is Zach and I just taught you how to do multi cam editing in Final Cut Pro.


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