How to Make Spider Web Eye Makeup

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Spider web eye makeup is a great way to really get into the spirit of Halloween. Find out how to make spider web eye makeup with help from a visual artist of nine years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Sherilynn Marilyn of Diva Day International Glam Squad, and we're here with Nadia, our model of the day and I'm going to show you exactly how to create a Halloween look using spiderwebs. Now as you can see, we've already prepped her face and done her eyes. Her foundation is done and her eyebrows are filled in and now we're ready for the fun part, creating the spiderweb. I'm going to utilize a plethora of products but today I'm going to start with our cream base, black face paint and this is made by Boni. Boni is one of my favorite, all-time favorite makeup products to use to create stage and character looks. So I'm going to use a flat wedge brush and I'm just loading it with the paint, front and back and I'm going to start at the top of her forehead here, moving her luscious locks towards the back because we don't want to paint those and I'm going to begin by creating a circular pattern. This look I found was very precise so utilizing a flat wedge brush helps me in creating that and we all know a web has variations of shapes and I don't know, somehow, someway those little insects seem to get a very good line or design should I say in a circular format. Now here comes the webbing portion of it. I'm going to continue to draw instead of vertical lines I'm going to draw horizontal lines and as a web goes, everything is connecting. So, I'm going to start right in the center, make sure you don't put your hands in the paint, creating smudge lines. We want this to be as clean as we can possibly make it, creating more lines, moving downward and you're going to continue to do this until you've completed your look. Hence we have our webbing. They also had a very unique color. They used purple but I think I'm going to use a variation of two colors, mainly with the black, staying within the parameters of her lips. You want to purposely leave this open on her lower lip to add an additional color. The color I chose today is made by Boni and this is called turquoise. So I'm going to just dab a little bit of aqua paint on my brush, loading it very full, a very vibrant pretty color. I'm using a Boni flat brush and I'm going to dab the color right there in the center where there is no color. Now with cake paint you're going to find that it's going to leave a very matte finish. You don't really need a whole lot of it and you're going to paint the inside of the top lip and also the space. You're going to feel your lips tighten up a little bit because this is aqua paint and it's water based. So it's going to dry very matte and you give it a few seconds and you can fan or wait. I'm going to fan and fan some more. Okay and we are dry and as you can see it leaves a very opaque color. I'm going to blend the two colors together with the paintbrush I had used before and making sure we don't have any harsh lines. And I'm Sherilynn Marilyn with Diva Day International Glam Squad, and we're with Nadia today, who was our model, and she has allowed us to create our Halloween spider makeup tutorial look for today. I hope you enjoyed it.


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