How to Make a Popsicle Stick Disappear in a Magic Trick

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Making a Popsicle stick disappear in a magic trick is a lot easier than you probably think it is. Learn how to make a Popsicle stick disappear in a magic trick with help from a magician and stage hypnotist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Joe Black. I'm a master magician and stage hypnotist from Black Magic Entertainment. We're here at the amazing Northwest University Theater and we're here to teach you how to perform an illusion. The illusion that we're going to perform today is how to make a Popsicle stick vanish. All you have to do to make a Popsicle stick vanish is simply blow on it and it vanishes. To get it to come back, all you have to do is blow on it again and it comes right back. Now, how do you do this? It's called the flip stick trick. what you're going to do is simply take the Popsicle stick and you're going to use your thumb and middle finger of your right hand and your thumb of your left hand. You're going to push with your middle finger and cause tension to build up. When you want the stick to vanish, you're going to release the tension with your thumb of your left hand, and it's going to pop right into place. You want to make sure that the Popsicle stick is lined up with your hand and your wrist. You don't want it to be sticking down where people can see it or sticking up where people can see it, you want it to go straight there. It's very important to make sure that there's nobody on this side of you whenever you are making it vanish with your right hand. You want everyone to be on this side of you, otherwise, people over here are going to be able to see it. So have fun with that illusion. My name is Joe Black, and I'm out of here.


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