How to Relieve Fingers of Guitar Pain

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Relieving your fingers of guitar pain is easy, so long as you employ a few key tips and tricks. Find out how to relieve fingers of guitar pain with help from an award-winning, critically-acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Jessica Delfino. I'm an entertainer and musician is New York City. I also teach guitar and ukelele, not at the same time. That would be awesome though. And you can find out more information about what I do at That's y o u r o c k n y We also have a group on Facebook. Anyway we're going to talk today about how to take some of the soreness out of your fingertips from playing guitar. Because if you've been playing guitar for a while, you know that sometimes you can get pains in your fingers. You can get them in your fingertips, in your wrists and sometimes even in the hands themselves. So what I really recommend are things like Aspercream or lotion on your hands after you're done playing. Give yourself a little TLC. It never hurts to just rub the lotion on your hands. Do a little bit of squeezing you know and putting some pressure on and then when then relieving the pressure. If you have really bad pains in your hands, a little bit of ice can also help. A frozen bag of peas is also a good one. But also maybe think about some of the chords that you're doing and try to make sure you're forming you chords properly because if you're forming your chords improperly or putting unnecessary stress on your hands and you fingertips, that's going to cause a lot of pain. So just maybe look on line or whatever, see how other people are making their chords. Make sure that you're doing, you're doing your chords the right way. Another thing that I really like to do is finger yoga. Who doesn't love finger yoga? It's very easy to do. It's a series of different exercises I do. Things where you put your hands together and you kind of push back and forth on your fingers, maybe stretch them out a little bit. This is something we really never do. We never really give a lot of attention to our fingertips. We kind of take our hands for granted. But you put so much stress and effort in to your hands and use them so much every day. It's really nice to give them a little message, give them a little stretch. You can even get hand messages, which I've had before and they're pretty awesome. They're not very expensive. Right now I'm just putting my fingers together and giving a nice squeeze, stretching them out a little bit. You can also do things like this where you put your fingers, just kind of spread them apart a little, give them a little stretch, give them a little love. Every part of your body needs a little love, even your fingertips. Once you're done stretching your fingers out, you can always just give your hands a nice wash, lather them up, things like that. Take care of your hands because they have to last you a lifetime. Thanks for watching and happy rockin'.


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