How to Fix Broken Guitar Picks

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Fixing broken guitar picks is something you can do in a variety of different ways. Find out how to fix broken guitar picks with help from an award-winning, critically-acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica Delfino. I'm an entertainer and musician in New York City. I also teach guitar and ukelele lessons. So if you want to find out more information about that you can at, that's So today we're going to talk bout how to fix a broken guitar pick. Say your guitar has a piece missing out of it, a chunk or what have you and you totally want to rock and you feel like you can't because your pick is broken, no problem. If you can get a pair of scissors and you have a relatively steady eye, these things are pretty pliable. Some of the picks are harder than others. There's really heavier gauged picks. This is kind of a medium gauge pick. Just take your scissors and try to just trim a little bit around the area that is broken and kind of cut the shape of the pick back into the pick. Now this isn't exactly ideal. Picks are not expensive so if you broke a pick, you know you can just go and try to buy another one. They're usually like 25 cents and you can even find them free a lot of times if you go to a bar or something and just ask if they have any extra picks laying around. So it's not a big deal, but say you just really like this pick and you really want to keep it. Say it's your lucky pick. That's a really great way to fix it. See that, just cut the shape of the pick back into it, okay so it's a little jagged. No problem you can still totally rock with it, for example, there you go. Good as almost new. Good luck to you, happy rocking. Thanks for watching.


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