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Recording on your guitar always requires you to make sure that you prepare in the proper way to avoid hassles later on. Get a guitar recording tutorial with help from an award-winning, critically-acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica Delfino. I'm a Performer and Musician in New York City, and I also teach guitar and ukulele. You can find more information about that at; that's Okay. So, today, we're going to talk about recording with a guitar, doing little sort of a recording sesh. So, basically, if you have any kind of modern recording device, you're in good shape. You can also use a tape recorder, any of that kind of stuff. I recorded on tape recorders for years. But, more recently, I got myself fancy little iPhone and this thing is pretty great, I got to say. This, it's got this program right here called voice recorder and voice recorder is basically if you have the new phone, it's under utilities. So, you click on utilities and then bring up voice memo. There it is. And it's just a very simple prob, little program that helps you to record guitar. So, basically, you want to kind of place that close to you because you're using the microphone in the iPhone, unless you have a plug in with a clip on mic or something like that. And I suggest keeping it pretty close to your guitar and voice if you want it to pick those both up relatively evenly. However, you don't have to have it exactly perfect because I do a lot of recording with this. And what this is really great for is if you come up with an idea for a song and you just want to jot it down, work on it later, this is perfect for that. So, we're just going to lay down a little couple of chords here, you can do a little jam and it's really easy, just press the red button and it says recording and that's how you know it's recording. So, here we go, let's rock a little. It's a little folk jam, country kind of a strum. Okay. I'm just going to finish it off with a G. Okay. So, there's our song; we're going to pause and now on the iPhone, you click this little button to the right and there's the recording right up at the top. That's me, blabbing. Here's our recording. Now, what's really handy about this is you can just take this and you can do things like share it, like you can email it to yourself, you can message it to yourself. You can even go in here and give it a name. If you scroll up to custom, you can call it rock sesh, et cetera, et cetera. Now, also on the iPhone, you can get this great program called Garage Band which is also on a lot of Mac computers. I don't mean to be so Apply as a person, but it's really great and it's really easy to use. You can record on anything now, even a tape recorder is fine. Have fun, lots of luck to you and thanks for watching.


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