What Are Some Small, Cute Guitars?

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One small, cute guitar is a three quarter size semi-acoustic model. Find out about some small, cute guitars with help from an award-winning, critically-acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica Delfino. I'm a Musician and Performer in New York City. I also teach guitar and ukulele. You can find more information about that at YouRockNYC; that's y-o-u-r-o-c-k-n-y-c.com. Now, today, we're going to talk about small cute guitars. So, the guitar I happen to be holding, I would refer to as a small cute guitar. It's a three quarter size semi-acoustic, so, it's, you can plug it in, adjust the volume and what have you. But, as you can see, it's a little smaller than one of those big kind of dreadnought guitars. This is called Telmar, it's the name of the company; T-e-l-m-a-r; they didn't pay me to say that. Actually, my dad bought me this guitar and I really like it. It's really great size for someone who wants a guitar that's pretty easy to handle. Another guitar I really strongly recommend are guitars called Daisy Rock and they are specifically made for women, if, if you will; I think that's kind of their, their angle and they're very cute. They're very small, the come in bright colors, very pretty colors; you know, with flowers on them and hearts and things like that; they're very cute. Also, there are, you can get like a squier or telecaster that's a little bit smaller size for a younger person, those are really great guitars. I actually have one myself. I'm kind of a fan of small guitars 'cause they're, I'm always carrying my guitar in a guitar case and it can really break your back if you're carting that real heavy guitar everywhere with you. So, sometimes people will buy these really big bad electric guitars and then you've got to carry that with you every night on your back and it's not that much fun. Trust me. So, I really recommend these nice small light guitars. Some other examples are actually, if you want a really small guitar, you might not be thinking about a guitar at all. You might be thinking about ukulele. There are four sizes of ukulele. There's soprano, concert, tenor and baritone and a baritone ukulele is actually about, it's, it's like a toddler size guitar. It's, it's like sort of almost like a half of the size of a, of a guitar. It only has four strings versus six, so it's a little bit easier to play for some people than a regular guitar. So, that might be an, a good option too. Lots of luck to you, happy searching, happy experimenting and thanks for watching.


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