How to Stop Finger Scraping From the Guitar Strings

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Finger scraping is something that even sounds horrible. Find out how to stop finger scraping from the guitar strings with help from an award-winning, critically-acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Jessica Delfino. I'm a musician in New York City. I also teach guitar and ukelele. You can find out more information about that at That's y o u r o c k n y So today were going to talk about how to stop your fingers from scraping on the strings. Even just the sound of that sounds horrible, right? So, I know that if this is something you're experiencing, you don't like the way it sounds. Basically if you're making a chord, right now we're going to work with the C chord, and you kind of drag your fingers in between when you're changing, you get this sound. Which can actually be an interesting sound if your use it in a way that you want to like some kind of nice effect in your song. But if you don't want it, it's sort of a nuisance. And the way that you will stop it from happening is you want to move your fingers clearly off the string and in to your next chord. And if you do that then you're not going to have that scraping sound. This is kind of a beginning thing that might come up if you have been playing, you're not exactly sure yet of how to move your fingers. You might get that little scrape afterwards. So you just try to make sure you're moving your fingers up in stead of down the strings. So move them up and off instead of keeping them on and maybe sliding them down. And that should take some of that sound away. Right. So, verses. And when you lift them up and off, you're not going to get that scraping sound. So this is something that also comes from muscle memory from playing for a while and your fingers start to get in to this pattern. They know how to move, they know where to go. Right now you're maybe trying to figure that out a little bit. I recommend practicing every day if you really love playing the guitar. Practice for ten, fifteen, even more minutes a day if you can. And you're totally going to knock that scrapping sound out of the park. It's going to be gone. So lots of luck to you. Thank you for watching. Bye.


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