How to Get More Volume From the Higher Strings on Your Guitar

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Getting more volume from the higher strings on your guitar is easy, so long as you employ the right techniques in the proper way. Get more volume from the higher strings on a guitar with help from an award-winning, critically-acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica Delfino. I'm a Musician in New York City. I also teach guitar and ukele. You can find out more information about that at; that's Today, we're going to learn how to get more volume out of the higher strings on your guitar. So, we've got six strings; we've got E, A, D, G, B, E and you can remember those as Elephants And Dogs Grows Big Ears. So, we're going to talk about the G, B and E strings or the Grow Big Ear strings. Basically, these strings are a little bit higher in sound than the other strings. We've got A, E, D and then, G, B, E. They're a little higher in pitch. So, when you play them, sometimes they're very faint sounding, especially if you're playing a chord like a G chord or a C chord. So, what you might want to do to make them a little more loud is definitely use your fingernails when you're strumming. A lot of people strum with the skin on their thumb which will sort of mute the strings just naturally. But, if you are strumming down with your fingernails and putting little bit of, almost like a pop into your wrist, it can bring out the vol, the volume a little better. So, for example, if you're strumming quietly down even with your fingernails, you might not get the volume you want. So, be sure to kind of put that pop into your wrist and make sure to end your chord by very specifically pushing down on the bottom strings. You can also use a pick which will bring out a little bit more volume in those strings. Now, if you're strumming with your thumb, again, you're going to get that quieter sound. So, be sure to use your fingernails or a pick and pop down with your wrist and you should get as much volume as you need for your chords. Good luck. Thank you very much. Bye.


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