How to Create Comic Word Ballons in Photoshop

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One program that you can use to create great looking comic book word balloons is Adobe Photoshop. Find out how to create comic book word balloons in Photoshop with help from a professional comic book artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rob Prior. I'm an Illustrator and Director and today, I'm going to show you how guys how to make word balloons in Photoshop. Now, you can go online and you can find a ton of different shaped word balloons that you can prop and put in your shapes in Photoshop. And your shapes are the shape tools that can get a rectangle, all these different shapes. You want to go to custom shape tool and I've picked out the word balloon. Now, I've picked the color white to make sure that it's white and we're going to put that on the top there. Here we go. So, now you have a word balloon that you can move around. Now, you can work that by pressing, pressing command T, which is your tool for warping and you can take it any size that you want. Now, we're using a basic bubble today. But, let's say you want to connect another bubble. You can do one of two ways, and you go back to your shape tool; you can press them. You can use that. If you want to make two-word balloon, balloons that are connected, just simply rasterize that layer, erase a portion of the balloon. Go back to your shape tool, make a line and you're going to want a little bit of a thicker line than that so you can just make it as wide as you want. And move that, like that. You can combine them altogether, very much just by pressing all of the shapes. I usually hold shift key down, command E, pieces them together. If you need to get rid of any excess, you can do that. Alright, now you've got your shape and erase what you needed to. You can go to layer, layer style, stroke; what this does is this puts a little black stroke around the whole thing. You can make it as wide as you need to; I wouldn't make it more than maybe five points wide. And that's how you make a custom shape word balloon in Photoshop. I'm Rob Prior, take a look for my movie coming out called No Turning Back and thanks.


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