How to Color Comic Books Using Paint

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One way that you can effectively color comic books is through the use of Paint. Learn how to color comic books using Paint with help from a professional comic book artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rob Prior. I'm an Illustrator and a Director and I'm here to show you how to color comics using paint. What I'm doing here is I'm going to paint with watercolor on top of a comic page and what I did is I painted out the page and I want a very painterly look to it. So, with watercolor and I'm just using any watercolor that you can get at any art store. I'm using a wide enough brush where I can get in there. And a lot of times what I like to do is I like to get some actual water, put it on there like that so the paint, since as I said we're using watercolor paint, the paint really doesn't stick to it. Now, there is a reference that I have here that I can just use to basically go off of. And it's good to have a reference to use because you've got to know what you're going to do and where you're going to go with your paint. In painting, I switched to, to another brush in hand so I can just get a little bit more done. I usually like to paint with, paint or draw with both hands. And what you're trying to do is you're just trying to get all your basic shapes in there. Using the reference just slightly, get in your shadows, putting a little bit more in there. Using watercolor on top of the ink will end up giving you a nice painted look to your book while being able to use the nice bright colors from the watercolor and everything to make it stand up. Now, in this particular painting, I'm only going to use one basic color which would be blue just to make it a little bit easier and not make this a 30-minute how-to. You want to keep your highlights in and since we're using watercolor, I'm not using any white. Now, you can go back and put a little bit of white highlights in. I'm just trying to get a, a basic form. Oops, sorry about that. Make sure that your shadows are in there. So, what you have to remember is use, try to use some watercolors, if you're doing this my way, just use watercolors, let the water do the work for you. Pull the colors around a little bit and you can get a nice painted piece out of it. So, that's my style of using paint to color a comic page. Get your watercolor and get your water, get your brushes and start filling in and painting. Make sure you have the proper reference. I'm Rob Prior, keep an eye out for my film called No Turning Back. Thanks.


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