How to Color Comic Books Like a Professional

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Professionals use color in a very detailed and dramatic way. Find out how to color comic books like a professional with help from a professional comic book artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rob Prior. I'm an Illustrator and a Director and I'm here to show you how to color comics like a pro. So, what we have here is I've already put in a grade, a graded backgrounds and I've already started painting a bit of her skin. But, let's go back to that very quickly. So, what you're going to do and just to make it easier, I'm going to go ahead and lasso around where her jeans are. We're going to, since she's wearing blue jeans, I'm going to fill it in. You'll notice that the black is not, the paint is actually blocking out the black, very easy to fix that, I'm just going to multiply. Multiply allows your ink to show through. And then, you can add shade to that very simply by going to a slightly darker color. Using a soft edge brush, I'm going on the edge of the jeans. So, to save a little bit of time here, I'm going to turn that off, turn on the jeans that are already painted. But, here's what I'm going to show you guys now. This man here needs to be wearing a camouflage outfit. Now, you could sit there and paint absolutely everything like we did very quickly here. But instead, I'm going to show you how to do that which is make a camouflage look to it. Once again, what I like to do is I like to lasso the outside of everything and I found the camouflage on the Internet. And let's see if we can find that quickly. Here it is. So, I found just a camouflage, I pulled it onto the comic book page and I've just laid it on. I've lassoed the exact area that I want to use, I'm going to select inverse, delete and if I was on the right layer, that would be even better. Delete that and you'll notice that you have a perfect outline around your comic. But, we're going to make it little easier. If it was on normal, right here you'll notice that that's all you have. But, again, just like we did on the jeans, we're going to multiply it; we're going to put a mask on it. You can use your brush with your mask and what it's going to do is it's going to erase. The great part about using a mask and I'm going to go back to a hard edge brush, brush really quick; the great part about using a mask is that if you've messed up like that, all you have to do is reverse it, when I reverse mine by pressing X which changes the color on the, it switches the two colors back and forth in Photoshop and I'm going to put it back in. So, you can't really make a mistake with it. And then, again, to save time, that's what it looks like. I went ahead and colored in the brown just like we did that; I use a lasso tool for everything. Color the gun, once again, all it takes is putting a lasso tool around something and we'll do that really quick. So, if I was redoing that, I would go in, I would pick a color. I'd go to my brush; I like using a soft edge brush when I'm doing this and you can color all that in. I'm also going to color his boot there. Once again, just to make sure that you can see the black line work all the way through, you click multiply. So, at the end, once you've gotten rid of all your lasso marks, you can turn on all the different colors. And there you have it, a basic color page colored like a pro. I'm Rob Prior and if you guys are out at the movies, take a look for my upcoming movie which is called No Turning Back. Thanks.


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