How to Become a Better Manga Illustrator

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Becoming a better manga illustrator requires you to really take a look at professional art and learn what makes it great. Become a better manga illustrator with help from a professional comic book artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Bob Prior and I'm an Illustrator and Director and I'm going to teach how to become a better Manga Illustrator. Let me start by saying that to become a better Manga Illustrator, the logic tells you you got to be a good illustrator or at least proficient illustrator. You've got to know your anatomy and you got to be able to change your anatomy accordingly. You got to be able to have the drawing sense to know how to change something. So, you can draw from something real, but you want to make it more Manga and I'll show you that in just a second here. This is some stuff that I drew up, here we on and basically, these are some quick illustrations to show the difference between a human face and a Manga face. The difference really is this, when you're taking and doing a Manga illustration, everything is streamlined and what I mean by that is it cuts down and simplifies. The eyes can be in different fashion, but they're always bigger, wider or longer. The nose comes in different shapes, but it's usually just showing a little bit of the nostril and a liner too and I'll show you a couple of different noses and a couple different eye structures. And the mouth is very simply just a line. And you can do it in any size. Again, unlike a human face, the eyes are bigger, the nose are usually much smaller and the mouth is usually smaller. One other thing about the hair and this applies to any style or anyway that you want to do it. You just have to change and make it very graphic. And what I mean by that is it's very liney and not realistically drawn, more of a cartoon. Some of the eye structures are long, way more open and just bigger in general. One last thing, again, you can look at the human anatomy and this is something that I found showing human anatomy. And you want to take it and you want to elongate it and make it thin. So, everything that you do with the Manga illustration ends up making a realistic drawing, a little bit more cartoon and enlarging or shrinking features to make that happen. And that's what it takes to become a better Manga Illustrator. Again, take a look out for my movie which will be coming out called No Turning Back from Silver Lining Media Group. Thanks.


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