How to Make a Faded Background for a Comic Book

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Certain comic books uses a faded background technique to achieve a unique and interesting look. Make a faded background for a comic book with help from a professional comic book artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Rob Prior, I'm an illustrator and I'm here to show you how to do a faded background for a comic book. There's a bunch of ways to make a background. There is no one right way. So this is just one of the ways. What I've done is I've taken a lasso tool and I've basically lassoed out around the areas that I want to keep the color in. And I'm using my gradation tool in Photoshop and I've just made a full gradation on the background. Now you'll notice that it covers some of the blacks. So what you do is you go down to your multiply, multiply it. And anytime you multiply a color over top black lines it will make sure that the black lines pop back through. Then you can just get rid of your lasso tool. And if you want to go ahead and do the opposite part and fade a gradation up, you can hold the command key, press on the window, and since all this does is put a lasso around what you've just done, we're going to invert it, change the color, and do a gradation up. Now you'll notice that it's on top of the figures, very easy fix for that, is make a mask, use your brush tool. I usually like to use a hard edge on the brush tool, and just get rid of anything that you're going to end up coloring. So when you're done, you'll end up having something like that. You have your gradation on both ways and it makes it so your illustration can stand out and it's a nice faded background. And that's all there is to it.


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