How to Oil Paint a Wine Glass

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Oil painting a wine glass is a great way to get some experience with still life artwork. Learn how to oil paint a wine glass with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Abeth. I'm an artist out of Portland, Maine and I'm going to show you how to oil paint a wine glass. So you want to squeeze out a large amount of white on the left side of your palette and a little bit of black on the right side of your palette and with oil paint when you're painting something realistic like this you want to go from light to dark so that the paint doesn't get muddy and you want to start out with just a very light white watered down gray. You're going to really use a lot of turpentine to water down this paint. Then once you have a nice thin turpentine wash of light gray paint, you're going to look at your wine glass and with a large brush just sketch out a very basic basic shape of the wine glass. This is going to be just kind of an under painting guideline for your wine glass painting. Now you can take a smaller brush, a more detailed brush, and just slowly slowly build up with gradually darkening layers of thinned out gray, gradually build up the details of the wine glass so you can add in the rim and the little bit of shadow on the lower side of the glass and where the stem meets the base of the wine glass, where the glass meets the top of the stem, all those little details can be added in with a thin wash of gray. Any little details you see reflecting inside of the glass can be added at this point. And you're going to keep adding slightly more paint to your mixture and keep making it slightly darker until you feel that you have all those important little details painted into your wine glass. Once you feel that you've added all your most important darker details, you can go back in with a very small brush and take some thick solid bits of white to add highlights where you see very bright white highlights on the wine glass. My name is Abeth, and I just showed you how to paint a wine glass.


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