How to Paint a Pirate Ship Mural

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Painting a pirate ship mural can be a fun, intricate way to draw something out of an age long past. Paint a pirate ship mural with help from an experienced graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. I'm Gene Shaw. I'm an Illustrator and a Graphic Designer. I've been working in the industry for about 15 years. And today, I'm going to show you something awesome. We're going to talk about how to paint a pirate ship mural. So, get your DVD of the Pirates of the Caribbean out and let's, let's get started. Alright, we're just going to touch a little bit about the techniques of painting a mural on your wall and in this case, it's going to be pirate ship. So, the first thing I would recommend is that you go online somewhere and get yourself a couple of energies of say, an old time Spanish galleon or something. But, I'm just going to do a quick, you know, just a quick little Spanish galleon here for you and you know, apologize that I haven't had a chance to build it to scale or to color it; me and Doc Brown. So, let's say you've got your, you've got your typical three sailed mast here and the most important part which is up here at the top, you've got your, your Jolly Roger. Alright? You can't have a pirate ship without a Jolly Roger. So, we're going to span, you can see how I just did a quick, easy construction line pirate ship. But, the Jolly Roger, I mean, no self-respecting pirate would be sailing the high seas without the, the old skull and cross bones up there. So, we're going to spend a lot of time on the skull and cross bones. Alright, so this is how you know it's a pirate ship, 'cause you got the Jolly Roger up there. But, let's say we've got you know, we've got our sails as well. It's going to do, just, just as again, just so you have an idea of what it is we're working with here. Sails, a mast. Alright. The most important thing is you've never want to paint, start painting on your wall unless you have an idea of what it is you're going to do. You don't want to just jump directly on the wall. You want to work out all of the, the issues that you're going to have ahead of time on a smaller piece of paper. Okay. So, you know, if you want to do a pirate ship on the front, if you want to do it from the side, however you decide that you're eventually going to do it, figure that out on a smaller piece of paper. And once you have that figured out in your little thumbnail sketches, you can even spend a little bit of time drawing a, you know, a bigger one; but, once you have that, the easiest way to make sure that you have, what you have on paper on the wall is to grid it out. So, we're just going to take and draw grid across here. Now, again, you have to imagine that this is a final drawing in the background and essentially, draw the same grid on your wall, only larger. So, whereas this is about an inch and a half here, this is about an inch and a half here, maybe make this a, a foot. Alright. And then, look at the squares specifically and what do we have in the square? Well, most of the square is, is pretty vacant. Okay. This is probably water or something. So, draw your basic outline of your pirate ship on your wall and follow your grid lines. So, right here on the top corner, we know that that's filled in. And then, we've got, we'll just draw this line straight across and then, and we know that it goes across these three squares. So, we know that we've got three square, a, a line here. It curves up on the fourth square and draw your basic outline of your pirate ship on your wall in the squares so that your, you know exactly where it's going to go. This way, you don't end up with a pirate ship, kind of like I did on this paper where it's all the way too close to the top. Because if you do that on your wall, now, you've got to repaint your wall, you've got to wait a week and you have all sorts of problems. So, that is one simple way that you can get a drawing from piece of paper and paint it onto your wall as a mural. And remember, even though we've got a couple of different masts here, okay, and some different sails, this is the important part of pirate ship drawing right there, the Jolly Roger baby. Alright. Alright guys, so there you have it. There's a simple pirate ship and remember, using those basic shapes, you can make a pirate ship as large as you want, you can make a small sculpt pirate ship, any kind of thing that you need to have. The Jolly Roger is the most important thing. But, if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


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