Drawing Nasturtium Leaves

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Drawing nasturtium leaves is a great way to get experience drawing something as it occurs in nature. Learn about drawing nasturtium leaves with help from an experienced graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Gene Shaw. I've been an Illustrator and Graphic Designer for about 15 years. Today, we're going to show you how to draw nasturtium leaves. And it's a really basic, basic leaf, very symmetrical design. They have between eight and ten intersections. So, I'm going to show you a couple of quick techniques. Alright, so, the nasturtium leaf is a very simple simple leaf. Essentially, what we're going to do is we're going to start up with a circle. So, just get right in there and draw a quick circle. Don't worry if it is not perfect. The one good thing about nasturtium leaf is going to work in your favor is that it's not a perfect circle. That's where we're just going to start. Then, let's find a, let's find a center as best we can; I'm just going to draw some quick construction lines and the main defining characteristic of the nasturtium leaf is it's got a circular shape, but it has anywhere between eight and ten veins that shoot through it and even, essentially delivers water to the rest of the leaf. The veins start, their origin point is, is slightly down from the center. So, I'm just going to draw about halfway between the, the center point and the bottom another construction line and this is going to be the point where our vein begins. Now, in each side, again, anywhere between eight and ten; so, it can be symmetrical, it doesn't have to be symmetrical, you know, just kind of, kind of fill it up however you think it's going to be and just draw three lines from the center to the outside on each side. And that's pretty much all there is to it. That, those are your construction lines you're going to take and we're also going to go one straight down from the center just because we can. And essentially, you're going to fatten up that center line and I'm going to fatten up the, each vine. Again, this is just quick so don't worry if it's a, you know, if it's not perfect. You can go back, you can erase. But, I want to darken our vein lines and what we're going to do there is let's darken the outside of our leaf. So, just start, start up with one of the veins and just very slowly kind of make your way around from vein to vein and try to give yourself a few like wavy lines with the nasturtium leaf. Don't, don't go exactly along your construction line because remember this is a leaf. It's, it's a living organic glowing thing and it's not going to be perfectly round. So, that's basically it. That is, that is your basic shape for a nasturtium leaf. We have all our veins and if you want to get a little crazy with it, you know, you can even like, you know, separate out a couple of the little veins here and there. Go branching. You know, depends on just how crazy you want to go with it. But, for now, this is your basic nasturtium leaf shape. Let me grab my eraser here, get rid of some of these construction lines and we'll see where we're at. There you go. That's how you draw nasturtium leaves. You just follow those simple guidelines, there's nothing to it.


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