How to Choose a Wide Angle Lens

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Choosing a wide angle lens always requires you to keep a few key things in mind. Choose a wide angle lens with help from a professional filmmaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys, I'm Justin Z. I am a Los Angeles filmmaker and freelance editor. I've been getting some basic questions about film making, including this one, what are some different wide angle lenses I can choose from? Well, wide angle lenses are for, for a very specific purpose. They can be anything from making sure you get lots of action and information in a single shot, with lots and lots of people in it, or say, if you're doing something much more amateur, like say shooting a party, you'd want a wide angle lens, or you'd want a zoom lens that is capable of getting to a wide angle. Basically, wide angle lenses can range anything from what the eye sees, which is about 35 millimeters, to something a little wider, say 18 millimeters, to something practically fish eye, which distorts the image so it looks really weird, which is 10 millimeters. It's really just depends on what you want, what kind of a effect you want to have. If you wanna have a wide angle that looks generally natural, you stick anywhere from 18 to 35 millimeters, and you wanna have the aperture as high as possible so your depth of field is really really wide, that way you get as much information in the foreground and background as possible. That's the idea of a wide shot. Now if you're looking for good wide angle lenses for a film shoot, but you have a low budget, then I would suggest Sigma lenses. They are a great alternative to Cannon or Nikon lenses, they are less expensive, and I guarantee that you will barely notice the difference in quality, if you will notice it at all. While you're shopping for those, look at other lenses, like telephoto or close up lenses, the 50 millimeter lens, which is in my opinion, the prime choice that you should always have for any camera. But, just check out different types of lenses, but I would definitely recommend that one. So that's the basics of wide angle lenses. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask.


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