How to Remove a Wall Baseboard Without Damage

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Removing a wall baseboard without damaging anything is easy, so long as you have the right tools and take the proper precautions. Remove a wall baseboard without damage with help from a professional interior designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Erica Lugbill and I'm an interior designer working for Lugbill Designs in Chicago. Today I'm going to be covering how to remove your baseboards without damaging the walls. You might think it sounds a little tricky or complicated but with the right tools it's very easy and does not take a whole lot of muscle. First off you're going to take your utility knife and you're going to slice right along the top of the baseboard and in between the wall. What this does is it removes any paint or caulking that may be there and it allows for a clean break when you break away the baseboard so it doesn't pull off the actual drywall paper. After you do that, you take a simple putty knife and you put it between the baseboard and the wall and then you tap down on the hammer directly on top of it and that will loosen the grip a little bit from the wall. Next, you take a scrap piece of wood, at least six inches because you want the weight of the pry bar distributed evenly over the wood as to not dent the drywall. You put this against the wall, then you take your pry bar. This is a tool that's actually marketed for removing baseboards at your local hardware store and you place this in between and you can see this board here is protecting the drywall. You put a little bit of pressure on and then that will separate the trim from your wall. The great part about removing baseboard is then it gives you the opportunity to upgrade your baseboard trim which makes a huge impact in your home. Thanks for watching my video today. I hope you found these tips helpful.


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