Fun Effects for DSLR Cameras

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There are a number of fun effects that you can employ on DSLR cameras so long as you know which tricks to use. Learn about fun effects for DSLR cameras with help from a director of photography in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Dan Reinecke with Unknown Media. Today I'm going to show you a fun little effect that you can achieve with your DSLR. Let's take a look. Alrighty so a fun little photo effect that you can do with your digital SLR camera, here we have a couple of jokers giving a high five in mid air and well, one thing that I am very fond of is somewhat of a crossed process look. Now the way we're going to achieve this is go over to the curves tab and select it. Now we're going to individually play around with each of the color channels. So now you're going to select your reds and with this we're going to go ahead and we'll add some reds to the highlights and then maybe bring some down in the mid tones a bit and then definitely bring some out of the shadows there. Now as you can see the colors are already pretty drastically changing. From here we'll go into our greens and we'll go ahead and maybe add some greens to the highlights and maybe not add, take away too many from the shadows and then we'll go tour blues and let's bring some blues out of the highlights and maybe add some to the shadows here. Now as you can see as we toggle on the effect, you can see clearly there is a very distinct look that we're getting. So from here let's go ahead and we'll change the blending options to color. So as you can see the effect now isn't nearly as drastic because the way we change the blending options of the layer itself and another thing that you can do when you go in here, we'll go ahead and select the curves. Now what this is actually going to do it's going to allow us to just adjust the overall exposure of our photo here. So let's go ahead and just bring out the highlights a little bit, just a little bit and then go ahead and drop the shadows. Now another thing that I like to do is go ahead and create a new layer and then you can go ahead and let's fill that layer with a color. Maybe not pink, maybe like a, maybe a nice, let me go with more of the browns. It's got a nice brown and as you can see of course we don't want it covering our whole image so again let's go into the blending options and change it to color. Now that's a little bit drastic so we'll go ahead and we'll drop the opacity down on that and bring it up a little bit. I kind of like the way that's looking. Now as you can see as we toggle on the effects, notice the drastic change in the colors. This kind of replicates a cross process look that you can achieve with film processing. Now another thing that we can go ahead and do is make a nice little vignette and go over here and we'll select our lasso tool. Let's go ahead and change the feathering of that to 200 and maybe I just want the sky to come in a little bit, and down here maybe by the water. Now feathering it off is going to make the effect of this vignette actually be a lot more subtle I'd say. Let's go ahead and then now we'll select our curves and we'll go into our mask options and we're going to go ahead and invert that. So now you can see over here that the white is actually what's going to be effected. So go back into our properties and we'll bring that down. Now as you can see there's a nice vignette coming in and you notice the falloff. The falloff of the effect itself that's because of the feathering that we did when selecting our lasso tool. So there you have it, just a fun little effect that you can do in Photoshop. And as you can see it will drastically change the mood of your photos and if you want to go back in you can select your curves again and go back into your red channel and maybe bring up some reds and the highlights. Again it's just going to kind of all be up to you and how you feel. Thank you. And there was a fun little effect for you. I'm Dan Reinecke, take your best shot.


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