How to Paint Monkeys in an Oil Painting

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Painting monkeys in an oil painting always requires that you keep a few very important things in mind. Paint monkeys in an oil painting with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Abbeth and I'm going to show you how to paint monkeys in an oil painting. So on your palette you should have some yellow ochre, a bunch of brown, a little bit of black, and little bit of white. We're going to start out by simplifying the monkey down into its basic shapes with the brown. So you're just going to draw a simple oval for the body, a simple circle for the head, two little circles for the ears. Then you're going to take a longer, thinner brush, slightly smaller and add some lines for the legs and arms. And a long squiggly line for the tail. Now you're going to dip into your white and add two little circles for the eyes. And take wash your brush off and dip into your yellow ochre, mix it with a little bit of brown, and now you have a good color for the monkey's hands and feet. And you're just going to draw a few little curved lines for the toes and fingers. You can use the same color to paint in the monkey's face. Now you're going to take an even smaller brush and add two little black dots for the nostrils, a little line for the mouth, and you can give the monkey some pupils. And add a little bit of detail to the ears. And now mix a little bit of black with your brown to make a darker brown and you can give the monkey some little details for the fur. Give him some fingernails. Some hair on the top of his head. Some hair on his tail. And you have a monkey. I'm Abbeth and I just showed you how to paint a monkey with oil paint.


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