Painting With Gray

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Gray is actually a much more powerful color than you might initially realize. Find out about painting with gray with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Abbeth and I'm going to teach you how to paint with gray. The nice thing about painting with gray is that you only need two tubes of paint to start out with and that is a tube of black and a tube of white. So I already have some black and white squeezed out on to my palette. And when you're painting with gray, you don't want to start with your darkest shades of gray, you don't want to start with black, you want to start out light and work your way up. So I'm going to start by taking some white and just adding a little bit of black into it to get a really, really light gray. And I'm just going to make an abstract painting right now. So I'm going to brush on some thinned out some light gray paint with a fairly large brush. And you can grab a little bit of the black on to your brush, mix it in with some more white to start to get some darker gray tones. When you're making an abstract painting, you don't need to hide the fact that this is paint that you're using. You don't need to hide the fact that these are brush strokes. Just kind of let the paint do its thing. Let the brush strokes show up. And you can kind of jump back and forth between the bright white and then some darker gray. And you can mix the paint on the palette and get kind of a whole range of grays, or you can just let it blend together right on your paper or canvas. Now at a certain point, you want to probably switch over to a different sized brush to get some variation marks. So I'm going to take a smaller brush and add in some really dark gray. And by experimenting with blending your paint, you can create all sorts of exciting atmosphere effects. And maybe now I'll go to a flat, wide brush. And as always, you can scratch into your paint with the back of one of your brushes to get some more fine details. My name is Abbeth and I just showed you how to make a lack and white painting.


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