How the Lighting in Photography Is Used to Make the Pictures Beautiful

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One of the things about photography that is often used to make things beautiful is rich lighting schemes. Find out about how the lighting in photography is used to make pictures beautiful with help from an experienced director of photography in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dan Reinecke with Unknown Media, and today I'm going to explain to you how to use lighting to make your pictures beautiful. Now, there are several different things that people would associate with making a beautiful picture. Now, there are certain things that lighting can do to help you with this. Now, you have your light source, go ahead and turn it on here and now one is going to be the direction that the light is coming from. Say your light source is coming from directly below. Now this isn't too good, this isn't a very flattering look for anybody, the shadows are all coming upwards on my face. It kind of makes you look a little evil and whatnot and you don't really want that for a beauty photograph. Now as well as that you can move the light right here and now what the light would end up doing is making one side of your face an exposure but then the other side get dark and it's a little too contrasty and you don't want that in a beauty shot as well as coming straight from above. It kind of just gives you this kind of demonic look and you just really don't want that when you're going to take a beauty shot. Now one good placement for a light is over here at kind of a 45 degree angle coming a little bit above so the shadows tend to fall off this way. Now when this happens, it's going to actually sculpt your jawline a bit more and your nose shadow will also kind of fall off in a much more flattering place then if it were to be here or here but right here. This is the sweet spot. Now with this you can also get a bit of an eye light, the catch light from the light source will hit your eye and bounce right back into the camera and this is also something that is very good in beauty shots. So as you can see, just simple placement of your light can cause it to become much more of a beautiful shot. I'm Dan Reinecke. Take your best shot.


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