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Texture photography means taking a picture of anything you can feel. Get texture photography ideas around your house with help from an experienced director of photography in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Dan Reinecke with Unknown Media. Today, I'd like to talk to you about textured photography that you can do around your house. Now first off what is texture? Texture is basically anything you can feel, something like a golf ball, all those bumps in there. There's a lot of texture in there. Now, you've got to realize that if you were to take a golf ball and shine a light straight on it, you're not going to really see the texture because there's no shadows, the lighting is all flat but if you move the light and make it a lot more directional you start to see those shadows come in on the dimples of the ball. Now that is one thing that you really need to keep in mind when shooting textured photography. You're going to want to see the texture very blatantly. Take the skin of an apple to the skin of an orange. Orange, it has that real beautiful rich texture in there but if you were to shoot that orange from 10, 15 feet away, you're not going to see it. What you're going to want to do, you want to get up in there and you want to take the picture of the orange real close so you get that fine detail and you can see that texture in there based upon the light and the shadow that is hitting that orange. Now another good thing to keep in mind for textured photography is pattern. A lot of different textures will end up lending themselves really good to pattern, something like a wicker basket. Not only does a wicker basket have a lot of fine texture due to the wicker itself but the inner lacing of it to create the basket actually makes a nice pattern and you can just really have a lot of fun with that. Some simple ideas around the house would be possibly a cork board or even the texture on your wall, something like a keyboard and as I said previously, a golf ball. You can really have any amount of opportunity to take advantage of textured photography, all you have to do is look for it. These are a few tips on taking texture photography pictures around your home. I'm Dan Reinecke, take your best shot.


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