How to Capture a Painting With Light Photography

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Capturing a painting with light requires a steady hand and the implementation of one of a few specific methods. Capture a painting with light in photography with help from an experienced director of photography in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Oh, hello! I'm Dan Reinecke with Unknown Media. Now, today, I'd like to talk to you about how to create a painting with light in photography. Now, there are several ways to achieve this. But, what I find to be the easiest is setting your camera to the bulb setting. Now, what this is going to do is when you click the button to take the picture, rather than take a quick snap, it's actually going to leave the shutter open to allow a lot of light to enter the camera for any given amount of time, rather than just taking a quick picture. Now, the key to this is to be in a very dark setting. You want it to be a dark room and the only thing to actually use as the light is going to be the tool that you use to paint with. Now, this tool can be anything from a flashlight to a cellphone. Now, what I suggest is using something that it, it emits a lot of light, but it won't light up the entire room. And that, that will be, that will be key to getting that, that painting effect. Now, what you're going to do is you turn on your, your painting tool and then you're going to, you're going to move it around the frame. Now, what this is going to do is basically anywhere that light goes, it's going to, it's going to leave a light trail and it's going to, it's going to register into the camera. Now, one thing to keep in mind is, the longer that you hold your tool there to light it up, the more light that's actually going to be emitted. So, say, you're to leave your, your tool there for a good three, four, five seconds; it's going to register that more on the camera. But, if you move the phone real quick, you're going to just get more of a light trail shooting across the frame. Now, this is going to take a lot of time and, and experimenting, but it's a really fun process and one thing that I would suggest is start out using a tripod and then from there, just have fun. Now, that was how to create a painting with light in photography. I'm Dan Reinecke and remember, take your best shot.


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