How to Get Splits Using a Wall

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All you need is a mat and a nice, open wall space in order to successfully do the splits using a wall. Find out how to do the splits using a wall with help from a personal trainer, choreographer and dance instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lesa G. Williams, Owner of Mix in San Diego, California. Today, I'll be talking you through how to get your jazz split using a wall. And basically all you need is a mat and then a nice, a nice open space where you can stretch your legs out and let gravity do most of the work which is nice about this stretch. So, when you get into the position, you want to haver your back flat and then make sure your sits bones are pressed up against the wall, legs will be touching the wall fully and then your legs will fan open into a middle split. So, we want to make sure that we get to a position where the whole bottom part of our body is attached to the wall so that gravity can do the work. So, when you're ready and I usually suggest maybe listening to a song or a couple so that you can relax and really breath into the exercise and kind of distract yourself from the stretch that's happening in the inner thigh. So, we will come to our backs, making sure that our sit is attached to the wall, kind of in a fetal position. Then you can fan your legs open and then make sure that you're completely straight in the torso, that your sit and your legs are attached to the wall. And if you can tell if you're even or not, try to straighten that out. Maybe you have someone there that can help you to adjust the positioning of your legs. So, you'll just breath and hold here. Stretch through your legs, maybe point through your feet or you can just relax and let gravity do the work. What I like to do after about a song or two is come by to each of my students and gently apply pressure and increase the stretch for them so that they're working on going deeper into their middle split. How you get out of this position, keeping your legs completely straight and breathing, slowly squeeze your legs together at the top. Take a moment there, bend your knees and then slowly roll back onto your side to come up. And that's how you would do a jazz split using the wall. My name is Lesa G. Williams, Owner of Mix in San Diego, California.


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