What Is Prancing in Modern Dance?

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When it comes to modern dance, the term "prancing" typically describes a very particular technique. Learn about the basics of prancing in modern dance with help from a personal trainer, choreographer and dance instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lesa G. Williams, Owner of Mix Studio in San Diego, California. Today, I'll be reviewing with you what is prancing in modern dance. Now, a prance is a warm up and also a dance move that you can do on modern dance. We'll walk through it first without the jump and just work through the feet. So, feet will be in a parallel first position. We're going to bend the right knee and press the top of the right foot forward. So, now, you've got your toes flexed underneath you and you're just on the ball of your foot. As you transfer your weight up, switch and let your left heel come off the floor pressing the top of that foot forward. So, we're really going for that forced arch flexion in the toes. So, again, up and switch, up and switch. And that's how you kind of work through feeling comfortable with the flexibility of the toe joints. Then, when we do the actual jump with it; we'll go so, side profile here so you can see; I'm going to jump up and land on my right foot flat, knee bent and then point through my left foot. Then, I'm going to jump up towards the ceiling high and then land on my left foot pointing my right foot. So, it's a up-jump land, up-jump land, pointing through your feet, always making sure that your toes are pointed. So, kind of like how a reindeer would prance, you want to keep that gracefulness of pointing through the feet, jumping up and landing softly. So, again, right foot, left foot points, up point, up point, up point. And that's how you would do a prance in modern dance. My name is Lesa G. Williams, Owner of Mix Studio in San Diego, California.


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