How to Do a Jazz Pirouette

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The key to doing a successful jazz pirouette lies within a few basic concepts. Do a jazz pirouette with help from a personal trainer, choreographer and dance instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lesa G. Williams, Owner of Mix in San Diego, California. Today, I'll be showing you how to do a jazz pirouette. So, basically, in jazz you have your parallel positions. So, we're going to start off in a parallel first position which is basically kind of like you're just standing. Feet right underneath your hips. Then, you're going to tendu or stretch your foot to the side and this is going to be the foot that we pull up into our passe as we do our turn. So, without the turn portion, we'll go tendu to the side, arms out to the sides in second position and then we'll take it back to a fourth position. So, your back heel is off the floor, both knees are bent and your front foot, the foot that you're turning on is going to be flat 'cause we want to push up from that position. From this fourth position, we're going to push up onto a straight leg onto the ball of the foot on the turning foot. So, from fourth, we push up, we hold and however many turns you're doing there is what you'll be holding for. So, arms are in first, your right leg or your left if you're turning on that side is going to be in passe, toes pointed and trying to get your thigh parallel to the floor. So, from the top, again without the turn first; tendu to the side, fourth position, prep; this is your plie and then push up onto that ball of the foot on the left foot. So, nice and tall. So, now, with the turn we go tendu to the side, fourth position and then push and we spot the front. So, if I'm facing the mirror, I want to see my face and then not see anything until I see my face again towards the front. So, again, tendu, fourth position, push and you're done. I'm Lesa G. Williams from Mix Studio in San Diego, California and that's how you do a jazz pirouette.


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