DIY Destroyed Jeans With a Cheese Grater

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You can make your own destroyed jeans using little more than the common cheese grater that is found in kitchens all over the country. Learn about do it yourself destroyed jeans with a cheese grater with help from a wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kristen Turner, Fashion DIY Blogger for Glitter and Glue. I'm here today at Citizens of Humanity in Los Angeles and I'm going to show you how to DIY a pair of jeans using a cheese grater. For this project you're going to need an Exacto knife or a pair of scissors and a cheese grater. I'm going to start off by taking my Exacto knife and I'm going to rip holes in my jeans. Just be really careful not to cut all the way through the jeans and I'm going to use Exacto just to start my hole. It's really more of just a cut, not necessarily a hole, yo don't want to take out a chunk of the fabric. You just want to make a nice hole in the fabric, just like that. You see? And then, it's up to you really how many holes you do. You can do a few, you can do as many as you want, you can make them long, you can make them short; do them by the knee, up by the thigh, it really is at your creative DIY freedom to do what you want because guess what, they're your jeans. Now, once I have all the holes that I want, I'm going to use my cheese grater that I picked up in the kitchen and I'm just going to start going up and down motion over the holes. You can also do little left to right, whatever works. But, you're trying to get this hole frayed look on the jeans. You want them to look like you've had these jeans forever even though you just bought the pair of jeans. You want them to kind of have that de-constructed look like you know, you've had them forever and you really work in the garden or, you know, really use them. And there you have it, you just use a cheese grater to de-construct the pair of jeans. I'm Kristen Turner from Glitter and Glue, thanks for watching.


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