Teaching Ukulele to Children

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Teaching ukulele to children is a great, fun way to get kids interested in music as a whole. Find out about teaching ukulele to children with help from a critically acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name's Jessica Delfino. I play the ukulele and I also teach other people how to play the ukulele. Now, today we're going to talk a little bit about teaching the ukulele to children. I have a lot of students who are children, pretty young children from ages about seven up to twelve, thirteen. And the way that I would teach a child to play the ukulele, basically it's not very easy for some children to use their fingers to make chords, because of the arranging of your fingers that as adults we just sort of get a little bit more used to using our hands and making chords and what have you. So, sometimes it's a little bit hard for children to make chords. But there are some really easy chords that you can teach children. So, the best thing to do is start with the easy chords, chords like the A, that only incorporate two fingers, using your G and your C. The C chord, which only uses one finger on the third fret. Maybe your D, your easy D. Your G, C, and E across the second fret. Maybe an A minor, which only uses one finger on the second fret. And believe it or not, all open is also a chord. And that would be your A minor plus 7. And then there are things in addition like, from the C you can go to the C 7, which is just on the top fret. And even the G chord, is usually pretty easy for children to play. That's your pointer, your middle and your ring finger in sort of an upside down triangular shape on your C, your E and your A strings, C, E, A. Now, if fretting chords is just too tricky for the child that you're teaching, you might just do some leads, using a simple, you know, just using really any string. So, something like this. You can really go, play any song, the melody of any song using one string. Mary had, oh I guess if we want to do on one string, let's move it here. Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Mary had a little lamb, it's fleece was white as snow. And that incorporates fretting the strings and plucking the strings, which is something that even the youngest child can learn. And that's how you teach a child how to play a ukulele.


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