How Do I Unplug Stopped-Up Toilets?

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A stopped up toilet can be unplugged in one of a few different ways. Unplug stopped up toilets with help from a home improvement expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chris Bos, construction consultant. What we are going to do today is people ask how do I unclog my toilet? Well, there are two main tools. Obviously the plunger and a snake. First we are going to try the plunger. The way I like to do it is you get it seated in there, give it a couple a little pushes. Then all the way down and all the way up. If you are not able to get it unclogged with the plunger which usually works for me. Then we are going to switch to the snake. This is the snake. It has two ends. One is just straight coiled spring and the other one gets bigger. You are going to take the bigger one and just fish it down until you hit a clog. Once you hit the clog you will undo this part, there's a nut and there's a screw. Get it as close to the end as you can to where the water is. And then you are going to turn it and just keep rotating it and pushing it forward until it pushes the clog out. So if that doesn't work I suggest you can get a power snake which attaches to a drill and does basically the rotating that I'm doing and the advancing but on the drill. Or the other option is to call a plumber. Hope you get your toilet unstuck. Thanks for watching I'm Chris Bos.


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