How to Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag for Kids

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You can make ice cream right at home in a bag with a few key ingredients. Make home made ice cream in a bag for kids with help from a food expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Wendy Monro with Simplify Foodify and today we are going to be making ice cream in a bag and this is Daphne and Phoenix and they're here helping me. What you'll need is a gallon size bag half full with ice for each one. Each one of these is going to make one scoop of ice cream. Then you'll need six tablespoons of coarse salt, one tablespoon of sugar, a half a cup of half and half and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla. Okay so we're going to put six tablespoons of coarse salt into each gallon size bag. This will get it extra cold. Okay yeah now Phoenix this is your bag. We're going to put one tablespoon of sugar into each bag. Okay a half a cup of half and half into each bag, one for you, one for you. Okay, and then a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract and we'll just pour this over the sink so I don't get too much in your bag, one. Now seal those up and put them into these big bags, seal it tight, yeah. And then put it into the big bag and then seal that one, get all the air out. Okay then you want to get it into the ice, get it really covered with ice. So now you're going to shake it, shake the bag for five minutes and then it will turn into ice cream. Alright go ahead and open it. Now you're going to wipe off the rim so you don't get salt into the ice cream. You can do it with your fingers, that's fine. Phoenix you want yours? Sure. Okay, then I just scoop it out into the bowl. You can use your finger because we washed our hands. Alright, And that's ice cream in a bag.


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