How to Draw a Full Model Roller Coaster

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When drawing a full model roller coaster you'll want to put in all the twists, turns and loops that you would find on a real one. Draw a full model roller coaster with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here and today I'm going to show you how to draw a full model roller coaster and the beauty of this is that you can make it however you want and you can follow along with what I'm doing or you can do kind of your own thing but what I'm going to do is I'm going to start off with the beginning of a track here and just kind of follow it up and I kind of want to have a lot of upside down loops in mine so I'm just going to go like this and like this and then maybe it goes up and there's a drop off here and it connects back over here. And now to make the track you're going to want to do another line. Now this is going to be on the ground here so the lines are going to be closer together so you're going to follow that up and then kind of follow the line along and since it's going upside down here you're going to want to follow that along on the other side and then when it goes like that you're going to follow it there, follow it along going like that, follow it along like that and back down to the beginning. And now of course for the tracks you're going to need a little bit of, do a bunch of lines just kind of going that way that connect both lines together and follow that along and just do it through the whole thing and you can obviously use whatever colors you want to do this. It's totally up to you, it's your own creation. I'm just going to keep following this along, just showing where the tracks are and down the side and the front and I'm going to use my green marker just to show you they obviously need some support system. So I'm just going to do a couple lines just kind of going down to the ground here that hold it up and a line over here and this one maybe goes behind and one here and one here and you want to kind of do all the lines, just hit the highest points so that you can see that it's the most secure there, one going down here, here and here and then a lot of times they have support systems in between so maybe it will have some Xs like that that connect them all, same on this side. And just kind of throw these in there, same here. Alright and maybe there's some grass just kind of showing where it is and then also you might want to draw a roller coaster car so you can do that by just doing a couple boxes, one there, one there, one there and connect them. If you want to draw some people in there you can do that as well. You can do your own thing, maybe there's another roller coaster car up here that's already going and you can draw some people in there as well if you want. It's up to you. Alright guys and there's your full model roller coaster. So good luck and stay creative.


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