Steps on How to Draw a Rottweiler Labrador

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When drawing a Rottweiler Labrador you're going to want to start by paying attention to a few key visual traits of the animal. Learn about the steps on how to draw a Rottweiler Labrador with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erik, I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a Rottweiler Labrador. O.k., let's start by just bringing up the neck, a little bit of the head. Bring the body back, the body's kind of like a rounded wedge shape, this portion up. O.k., the head's going to curve up, let's get rid of this guideline here. Bring the snout out, right up where the nose is. Now, let's curve this back where the head is. O.k., let's add roundness in the arms here, here's a paw, and his back. Here's another paw here, his back, get this extra line, rid of this guide. O.k., do this leg back here, which is kind of shaped like a wedge. And foot comes back, it's up and rounded. Add some of that line there. And let's do the same with the leg here, back, paw comes forward, and there. You want to get rid of these guidelines. Let's see, the tail comes out, and it kind of curves down, the tail up. And they have not so long, but kind of fluffy ears. Get rid of this line here, got the dog's eye. Here we go, and let's clean up some of these smudges here. Here we and add a little bit more to the chest here. Here we are. And that is how you draw a Rottweiler Labrador.


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