How to Draw Human Bones Step by Step

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You can draw human bones by breaking them down into a manageable, step-by-step process. Learn how to draw human bones step-by-step with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Erik, I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw human bones step by step. OK, first I'm going to start out. With a skull up here. Which comes down. To where the jaw is. Bring this down too. OK, the neck comes down, into the vertebrae, or the spine. Bring this down. And you can draw the segments of the spine. OK. Let's draw clavicles, in the back. Let's draw, start drawing. Let's do an outline for where the ribs are here, and we can fill that out in a moment. Start drawing the arm bones. There's two bones in your forearm, and this, and this. Now let's do the matching, bones on this side. Now that, and that. Now, let's start by drawing, let's do the pelvis here. Fill that in. Pelvis actually has holes here. Actually the spine extends a little bit farther down around the pelvis. OK. Now, you can fill in, this is where the femur connects here. That side, this side here. And then you can draw the kneecaps. And this leg down for that. The femur comes in a little bit more here. Don't want to bend it too much. OK, and then draw the foot bones. And on this side. Draw some, bones of the hands. And then let's draw some of these ribs here. And on this side. And then just quick add eye sockets, nose and where the teeth would be. And that, is a step-by-step guide on how to draw the human skeleton. Or human bones.


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