How to Draw Shadow Effect Letters of the Whole Alphabet

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Adding shadow effects to letters is a great way to add a little depth to an image. Draw shadow effect letters of the whole alphabet with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, it's Chris here, and today I'm going to show you how to draw shadow effects for letters of the whole alphabet. I'm going to start off with A here, so I'm going to do a couple lines, going like that. And you're going to want to bulk it up just a little bit. So we have our A. I'm going to do B, over here. And, do it just like that. Got a C. Can do it just like that. And, maybe I'll put the D down here. OK. Now when you're drawing shadows, the most important thing for you to remember is, where the light is coming from. So, let's say our light is coming from up here. So I'm going to draw a little arrow. If the light's coming here, you have to imagine that this letter is three-dimensional, so you have to, if you're drawing the shadow, it's going to be on this side, because the light isn't going to be hitting here. So, you're just going to draw, just a line, kind of down that side, and then you're going to draw another line down here, because the light isn't hitting what's on the bottom. Some more light there. And then on the inside of this side, because if light's hitting this way, it's going to be hitting the inside of this, so there's not going to be a shadow on that, but there will be on this. And also there in the middle. And then for the middle part, you do the same thing, only on that side. And you're going to follow with the same kind of form for every letter here. For a B, it kind of rounds at the bottom, so you just imagine where the light is actually hitting it, and where it's not. The light's probably coming from this way, so it's, you're not going to be able to see as much light on this, on this area right here, so it kind of fades up into the light. On this area, you're going to do the same kind of thing. Draw the shadow there, just like that. And then for the C, it's going to be kind of the same thing as the, the arc on the B under here, where it's going to fade, and you're going to bring it a little bit more out here, and then it's going to fade right about there. Right here, you can't see the shadow either, or you can't see the light either, so I'm going to draw a shadow there. For a D, I'm going to do the same thing here and just draw the shadow on this side, on the left side, and then follow along the bottom until it fades up on the side. And then the same thing over here. And then flesh this out a bit more. Being as I'm running out of time a little bit, so you're going to want to keep with this form for the rest of the alphabet, just make sure you follow where the light is hitting and seeing where the shadow is, that's going to help you figure out where the shadow's going to be on each letter. So, yeah, that's how to do shadows on the alphabet, good luck and stay creative.


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