Detailed Instructions on How to Draw a Sports Car

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Sports cars come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Get detailed instructions on how to draw a sports car with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here and today I'm going to give you some detailed instructions on how to draw a sports car. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to start of with just a kind of a, the back wheel, and that one's going to be a little more of an oval on the front because it's a little further back and it's at an angle. And this one's going to be the front wheel here, and that's more of a circular kind of shape. And then what I'm going to do is I'm going to connect these two, just by going like this, and that's going to be the bottom of the car and then I'm going to take a line going off the back and bring it up, just to about there. And then I'm going to start from the front and kind of draw underneath the hood, and just make kind of a little sharp angle there, bring it along the front, and just bring it to there. And then a line up, another kind of like a wavier line that's going to show the front bumper of the car, and another line going up just like that. And I'm going to kind of bring it up and a lot of times, the front of sports cars are a lot longer than the back, so I'm going to want to make the hood a lot longer, and bring this, the windshield is going to be about right here, and the windshield in sports cars are very, very, much more angled than a regular car, so I'm going to kind of bring this up at an angle, just like that and bring a line just over the top. This right here is going to be the hood, or the top of the car, and bring it along, just like that and then kind of connect it with the back there. And then I'm going to draw the front windshield and the side, and the way I'm going to do the side is just kind of like an angle like that. Add another angle like that and bring it down, and do the same thing, kind of, for the front, so I'm going to do a line just like that and a line across the front, just like that. So there we have the outline of our sports car, you can add a windshield mirror, or a mirror there on the side, if you want, and then you can add a little thing on the back there. And gotta get the headlights, so what I'm going to do for those, I'm going to draw, kind of an outline just like that, in the front, and then this one's going to be a little obscured because of the angle, so it's going to be just kind of like that. Then if you want, you can take your yellow, or whatever white marker and you can kind of fill those in to show that they're headlights there. I'm going to do a front grate kind of outline here, and that's about right there. Another oval underneath there and another one there, and then these are just kind of like the outlines of the door here, and the top of the hood. Alright, and if you want, you can fill in the wheels a little bit and maybe he's racing along the track. Alright, so that's how you draw a sports car. Good luck guys, and stay creative!


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