How to Draw a Manga Character Without Guidelines

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Just because you're working within the confines of an established art style like manga doesn't mean you have to adhere to every last guideline. Draw a manga character without guidelines with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here and today I'm going to show you how to draw a manga character without guidelines. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to start off with the face and this is going to be a guy kind of looking to the side. So I'm just kind of do, go down like that and this is the chin. Bring this up, just to make it a little bit bigger. For the eyes, just going to do one eyebrow right here. Another one here. And then for the eyes, usually manga eyes are a little bit bigger so I'm just going to kind of bring these down just like that and around. Leave a little bit of a highlight on the eyes because mangas always usually have a highlight. Gonna do a little, little nose there and then a mouth. And then, maybe he's got some crazy hair so just kind of make it very pointed. A lot of manga is very pointed angles and edges so just keep that in mind when you're drawing your, your work of art. And just kind of do your own thing too. I mean, stay creative and, and make it however you want, you know? There's so many different ways to draw manga and especially since these aren't really with with guidelines the thing you just need to remember is to make sure that all, you have very straight angles and pointed edges there. So this is his neck here. Maybe he has a little bit of a collar coming down like that. Maybe on this side there's also a collar and then maybe his shirt is a little bit open. So I'm going to do a little bit of a, kind of a rough edge there. And then, bring this down here just like that. Complete the jacket and angle going down. Bring another angle up and don't forget the shirt is underneath there. Maybe he has a, his one arm is kind of in his pocket here. And here's his first pocket. Maybe his other foot is kind of coming out a little bit and there's his knee. And then, the leg in front here kind of goes down straight. Finish off the bottom where his foot is here. And then, for the other arm, bring an angle down and kind of bring it along. Don't forget the folds in the fabric. You can kind of just get that effect by just doing a couple squiggly lines in there. The armpit here. Bring another line down. Do a couple more squiggly lines just to show the, the folds in the fabric and down to where the, the hand is. For the hands just kind of. Don't forget your four fingers. And, then bring this down just to complete the back leg. Gonna add a couple more squiggly lines just to emphasize that that's fabric. And, his foot. Maybe he's got some shoelaces and he's in the middle of walking. Alright guys, and that's how you do a manga character without guidelines so good luck and stay creative.


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