How to Draw a Bulging Circle in Art

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Drawing a bulging circle in art essentially requires you to draw a basic, three-dimensional circle. Draw a bulging circle in art with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Chris here and today I'm going to show you how to draw a bulging circle in art. So what I'm going to do is basically just draw a three-dimensional circle. I'm going to start off here and just kind of do a circle. Now, if you have a tool that you can make a straight circle, that works as well. I'm just going to do it free hand. Now I'm going to take my white, just to kind of show you how to do the shading. We're going to say the light is probably coming from this side, so I'm just going to do some cross hatching here and what you're going to want to do is if you're cross hatching, you're going to want to go along the edge. And when you're looking at shadow, the things that are going to be the furthest away, and especially since, when you look at a ball or a circle, and especially if it has dimension, the things that are going to be closest along the other side are going to be the darkest, so this edge is going to be dark and the shadow is going to kind of creep around the sides. So I'm just going to kind of go along here, just like this and just keep in mind where the lights coming from as you're doing this. If you have a pencil, that's even better because you can actually do a little bit of smudging, kind of fill out the shadow a little bit more, make it a little more darker on one, on the side that's furthest away from the light. Then I'm just going to kind of fill this in and just keep on going. And you're just going to kind of follow the circle around. And just keep on shading, and like I said, it depends on what kind of tool that you are using to do this, to make it a little bit darker on one edge, if you want. You can use a marker, a black marker, black pen, maybe I can use a little bit of orange just to kind of emphasize that this is a shadow here, really dark. There you go, guys! That's how you draw a bulging circle in art, so good luck and stay creative!


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