How to Draw a Danish Tiger

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Despite its name, a Danish tiger is actually a type of horse. Draw a Danish tiger with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here, and today I'm going to show you how to draw a Danish tiger. Contrary to what many think, Danish tiger is actually a horse. So, what I'm going to do, is I'm going to start off with the back of a horse, here. Kind of make that rounded and follow it along here for the front, the back of the front leg, here, kind of arc that back. And this leg, like I said, is going to be in the front, so it's going to be the foreground. We're going to draw the other legs later on. But you're going to kind of follow this, this contour line, just as long as it's parallel to it. And kind of, go along here, for the back leg. Go up to the top and flush out the back here. Now, when you have a horse's back, it kind of dips in a little bit at the middle. so, make sure you're kind of just keeping that almost like a wave. I'm going to make the horse kind of, looking up. So, bring up, bring a line up, for the neck and then, finish it off with kind of a forehead here. Bring it down a little bit for the eye and then, complete the snout. So, there we have our basic outline of the head and the back. We're going to complete the neck here, by starting just about in, from the cheek. And bring a line down, just to about there, so it's leveled with the back of the horse. I'm going to do the front leg here and maybe it has, the front leg is up or something. So, maybe we want to kind of draw it just like this. Bring a line along and down, here's his hoof. And then, complete that at the front, like he's raising it up. Now, we're going to do the stomach, so we're going to bring just a line, just across, like that. So, it looks like they could be connecting in the front and the back. And we're going to finish it off with the legs in the back side. So, there's going to be a line starting right here, bring that down. Maybe, this leg is up a little bit too, so I'll just make the hoof and finish along the back. And then, his other leg, maybe it's going up like this. So, you're going to take a line, bring it down, complete the hoof and then, bring the line back, up. And when you're drawing horse's legs, make sure you kind of keep to the bottom, where the hoof is, a little bit skinnier than the top. Because as it kind of goes up, it gets a little bit thicker. So, we're going to do the tail here, and tail comes out about right here. And you can make that as flowy as you want, kind of do your own thing. And use different colors, if you want, you can do that. You want to give it some stripes, because it's a Danish tiger, horse, you can do that as well. Just get creative as you want and do your own thing, you know. A couple of ears here, do the mane, you can also make that as flowy as you want, in different colors, and do your own thing. Maybe some grass, ground here and then, just a little eye, and a snout. And there you go guys, that is your Danish tiger, good luck.


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