Self-Portrait Drawing Theme Ideas

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When drawing a self portrait it may be wise to have some type of theme in place before starting. Get self portrait drawing theme ideas with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, it's Chris here, and today I'm going to show you how to do some self portrait drawing theme ideas. So, what I'm going to start off doing, of course you're going to have to get a mirror or a picture of yourself first. But, I kind of know a little bit how about how I kind of look in the mirror 'cause of course you're looking at yourself every day. So, I'm going to start off doing the eyes here. And, start doing an arc and then leave a little bit of room for the tear duct in the side. This is where the tear duct's going to be. For the eyelashes you're going to want to do another arc. Kind of goes underneath and connects like that. Now, you always have to make sure you're paying attention to how far and how proportionate your face is. So you're going to want to make sure that there's a certain amount of distance between one eye and the next and to leave room for your nose. So, what you're going to do is start about here and do another arc. and then do the same thing that you did on the other side. Make sure you're following the lines on your face when you're looking at your face in the mirror or in the picture or whatever you're using. And a lot of times when you're looking at eyes and drawing eyes your eyes tend to be darker at the top and a little bit underneath the eyelid over the top. So, you're going to want to to kind of draw a couple circles in there and then shade it in a little bit so you can see the pupil. So, we've got our basic form for the eyes here. Now we're going to start with the eyebrows to kind give it a little bit of shape. Just follow your own, your own features in your face. I'm kind of of doing this by, by memory so. Just kind of drawing the eyebrows and make sure you're, you're following with the shape of your own 'cause everybody's face is different of course. Gonna kind of flesh that out just a little bit. And the same thing on the other side. Just like this. Alright. And of course, if you want to make it abstract you can also do that. I mean it's your own, your own picture so you can kind of do whatever, do your own thing of course. And for the nose I'm going to just do a very simple version here. My kind of goes in like that a little bit. And like that. And then, bring it down for the nostrils here. And I'm leaving the lines unconnected just because I'm doing this, trying to just get it down. You want to always do your shading in the after. Just get your basic features down first. Then I'm going to throw in the lips here and just going to kind of do almost like two little mountains there and then at the bottom my lips kind of, a little bit bigger at the bottom here. Alright. Then you're going to want to do the outline of the face. Mine kind of goes in like that. Same thing on the other side. And obviously I'm doing this pretty fast. Take your time. Make sure that it's the way that it, that you want it to be. Got the chin. And then, if you want to throw some hair in you can do that as well. I'm just going to do it pretty fast here. Alright guys and those are your basic self portrait drawing ideas.


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