How to Draw Manga Hedgehogs

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Manga is a style of animation that is based in the country of Japan. Draw manga hedgehogs with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here, and today I'm going to show you how to draw a Manga hedgehog. So what I'm going to start off doing is I'm going to start off with the face here and I'm just going to draw like a, a quick kind of like arc that goes around just a little bit, I'm not going to complete it cause this is where his, the spikes are going to be and everything. For the eyes, I'm going to make it almost like a mask so you're just going to kind of go up and around like that and leave room for where the nose is going to be, we're going to make the nose go right here. For the eyes, maybe he's looking right at us so I'm going to do just a couple eyes like that, maybe do a little bit of a, couple of accents around the eyes and then I'm going to do the top of the head, kind of make that go out just like that, draw a couple ears, keep them a little bit pointy and then there's another one on this side, go down like this and then just draw a couple giant spikes, maybe he's kind of smiling at us or just happy and then I'm going to draw a nose and you can kind of, I mean if you want to put a highlight on the nose you can do that as well, just kind of give it your own, your own spin and you're going to go around like this and that gives him a little bit more of an outline to the mouth. I'm going to continue going down here with the spikes and I'm going to draw the body and the way this is going to go is I'm going to draw just a line like that and maybe he has his, one of his legs up so maybe I'm going to just do it just kind of like that, draw in the area in between the legs here. When he has one leg up we're just going to kind of follow that out and then complete it here, he has a couple pair of shoes on and maybe it's a boot that goes up just a little bit up on his leg so I'm just going to kind of give a little bit of folds there and then we got to get his arm of course so I'm going to draw two lines coming out like that and maybe he's got like a glove on or something, so I'm just going to draw a couple little lines on the side, a couple folds here and then just some fingers. There we go, there's one and then on the other side do the same kind of thing, a couple folds there, there we go and if you want to give him it like three fingers you can also do that as well, I mean he doesn't have to have five, it is a cartoon so you can kind of give it your own, do your own thing. He got his other leg going down like this and kind of follows in the back and then he has kind of a different area for the front, different colored area and you can kind of color that in however you want, if you want to use green or pink or blue or whatever you can do. You're going to finish that with spikes and they're kind of going down the back and completing at, at the kind of the bottom of the back there. Finish the shoe here, do a couple folds and there you go, you have your Manga hedgehog, get creative guys.


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