How to Draw Non-Traditional Flower Blossoms

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Not every drawing of flower blossoms has to follow a traditional pattern. Draw non-traditional flower blossoms with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here, and today I'm going to show you to draw non-traditional flower blossoms. The way that I'm going to do this is just start off with almost like little tear drops and they're kind of flowing out from the center. You do a little dot in the middle if you want and you're just going to continue going out. They don't have to be perfect, but you can make them as as colorful as you like and do your own thing. And, just kind of fill this out, just like this. So you got a bunch of 'em kind of goin' out. But, they all have to be even and balanced. So make sure that you kind of get it into the shape of a circle. Then on the outside, you can just do some, just little flourishes just so the edge of the flower. And this is kind of a big blossom here. Do another one for ya. You can do another smaller one here. Doing the same but you can as big or as small as you'd like. And, any colors. You can do 'em different colors. However you want to do 'em. But, then do the same thing around the outside of this one. Another way that you could do blossoms is you could just kind of start off in the middle with a little, little dot as well and kind of follow it along with a, kind of a fluffy edge just to show the middle where the pollen is. And then, just do ovals that kind of span out from the middle. And then connect them all. They don't have to be perfect, 'cause when you look at, you do look at flowers, I mean they're all different just like snowflakes. And, just kind of connect them all so that it looks like a full flower. And those are some different ways you can do flower blossoms. If you want you can also do kind of a tree truck that's holding them all together. And, just by drawing something out like that. Something simple. Branches. Another branch goin' out this way. Got a tree here that's kind of got a couple different kinds of flowers on it. Do some shading. There you go guys. That's one way to do non-traditional flower blossoms. Good luck and stay creative.


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