How to Draw Realistic Comic Book Art

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Just because you're drawing comic book art doesn't mean it can't be realistic. Draw realistic comic book art with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here and today, I'm going to show you how to draw some realistic comic book art. What I'm going to do is I'm going to start by drawing a box here, just kind of give us a, a frame and I mean, really it's, it's up to your interpretation of what, whatever comic book you're drawing or whatever you're doing. I am actually, I, I guess I'm, I'm just going to kind of go with us and what I'm going to do is I'm going to draw a person on this side and I'm going to give him more of a realistic looking face. So, make sure that you're staying with the contour of the eyes and making it how, how a real person would, would look. Maybe he's looking behind him, so the eyes are going to go a little bit like that. And eyes are more of an almond-shape. So, when you're drawing realistic eyes, just make sure you keep with that, that kind of shape. Now, he's nose going down like this; he's looking over to this side, so I'm going to go in over here. Maybe he is kind of like freaking out about something; so, there's his teeth. And maybe he's, his got his ear right here; maybe he's got kind of a, a little of a, a furrow or pompadour going on. So, follow that back, maybe he has a little bit of a side burn and then, I'm going to follow along with the outline of the face. And maybe he's got his arms up, like he's trying to run away from something or he's trying to take, take shelter from something. And like I said, just do your own thing, I mean it's a comic book book, so, it's, it's up to really whatever story you're doing and what your, your outline is. But, just stay creative and, and keep doing your own thing, you know. And the beauty of comic books is that you can really kind of, I mean do your own. You know, like I said, just do whatever you want. Alright. So, maybe he's, he's freaking out about something, maybe there is a, I'll take my orange, my orange marker here, maybe there's an explosion going or in a building, or maybe there's a fire. We all do a couple of windows here and some flames coming out of the windows; the smoke bellowing out. And then, maybe there's a, a thought or a bubble or something that's just describing the action, just saying maybe, "Bam" or there's firecracker going on or something. We'll finish off the fire here and you want to do some bricks. Alright guys, and that's the idea for a realistic comic book art. So, good luck and do your own thing like I said and stay creative.


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